Our Vision 

To empower self-expression through the Art of Magic .

Our Goal 

At MindinMagic, our goal is to advance and elevate Magic as a form of self-expression. We want to empower magicians to create and present magical performances, not mere tricks. We believe that learning how to think about Magic and its creative thought process will result in a world with more meaning, wonder and magical experiences. To this end, we strive to create products and services that will inspire a deeper level of engagement, practice and understanding in the Art of Magic.

Our Values

  • Wonder over tricks
  • Meaning over explanations
  • Understanding over methods
  • Communication over patter
  • Emotions over logic
  • Impact over effects
  • Engagement over presentation
  • Self-expression above all  else

While the items on the right help construct effective performances, we hold the values on the left as the key to evolving and advancing Magic as an art form.